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where U get to experience yourSelf bodyPROUD and earn moneyPROUD rewards for sharing your story as it unfolds. #allaboutME #myAHAs #myTRIUMPHS #myPROUDmoments #mehelpingMEhelpsUtoo

Profiles that appear below belong to those who have chosen to experience themselves bodyPROUD as well as those who wish to take the spotlight, lead by example and earn moneyPROUD rewards for passing it on. 

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It's Time: Love Your Body! Be Body Proud! via Facebook

The 'proud' aspect of being bodyproud requires diving within to discover -- and unleash -- your authentic Self. LOVE what Jairek Robbins has to share here!…

Mike Kocsis posted discussions
Aug 10
Creator posted a discussion
via renowned expert, Dave Sandoval
Aug 10
Mike Kocsis published an article
Let me start with - "You are all doing AWESOME"! WOW, I can not believe the results thus far and we are not even at the half-way point.Truly Amazing! This is an important message. You obviously want to keep this wonderful success going. This is of…
Aug 10